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Business Safe Insurance


Why is this insurance important to you?


In the current challenging and rapidly changing market, as the responsible person to your business, you may still worry about threat of burglary, robbery, fire, heavy rain and typhoon, while you go all in your business.

Business Safe, an insurance product providing comprehensive coverage from Property, Loss of Rent, Burglary and Robbery, Money to Public Liability to your business, is a good way to take away your worries.


What is insured?
  1. Building
  2. Goods and raw material in stock
  3. Office furniture, accessories, devices and facilities, machinery and equipment
  4. Rent
  5. Cash

What is the coverage?
  1. Fire and the Perils

    You will be compensated for the accidental material loss or damage of the insured property resulting from Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Typhoon, Storm, Rainstorm and Flood.

  2. Loss of Rent

    In the event the insured property suffers loss from any above mentioned perils, we will compensate you

    1 ) Rent that shall be paid continuously Or

    2 ) Expenses on lease of other location where you conduct your business continuously

    Indemnity Period: Maximum 3 months.

  3. Burglary and Robbery

    We will indemnify you for any loss of the insured property caused by the following accidents

    1 ) Theft or hijacking of the watchman when the premise is not open for business

    2 ) Robbery or attempted robbery inside the premise

  4. Money

    You will be indemnified against loss caused by below reasons by this coverage

    1 ) Robbery inside the insured premise

    2 ) Theft of safe

  5. Public Liability

    1 ) This insurance covers all sums, which you shall become legally liable to pay as compensation for accidental bodily injury to and/or damage to property of any third party arising out of and in connection with the insured’s business.

    2 ) The legal expenses against the claim

    3 ) The legal expenses agreed by us in advance

( Importance Notice: For detailed information, please refer to the policy )


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