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Marine Cargo Insurance


Borders fall, new risks arise

The Allianz Marine Insurance at a glance:

Why is this insurance important to you?

Business today knows no boundaries. The most valuable goods are traded and shipped across national borders in large volumes everyday. However, as your goods go for more distanced and destinations, the risks of loss also increase. Allianz with its global network and local know-how will provide both shippers and carriers with the cover they need.

Which risks are covered?

Allianz protects your goods never mind if they are transported by sea, air, rail or road.
If you decide to purchase our marine product, you can choose between a basic cover, wider cover and an all risk cover insurance.

General Exclusions

Our product will not cover the following risks:

  • Rust, oxidation, discoloration, denting
  • Scratching, chipping, marring and cracking
  • Mechanical, electrical and electronic derangemen

( Importance Notice: For detailed information, please refer to the policy )


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