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Directors' & Officers' Liability Insurance


Why is this insurance important to you?

In more and more companies managers are held liable for the results from mismanagement. Stakeholders will try to claim compensation - if necessary many do not hesitate to go to court. The Allianz Director & Officer Liability Insurance will protect you and your management team members against these risks. Make your decisions without the fear of failure.

What is insured?

This insurance covers all sums, which directors and officers shall become legally liable to pay as compensation for wrongful acts leading to financial loss.

General Exclusions:

Allianz can not assume any liability for

  • Willful acts or omissions as well as dishonest, fraudulent and criminal acts
  • Any types of guarantee or bond undertaken by the insured person
  • Fines & penalties

( Importance Notice: For detailed information, please refer to the policy )


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