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Loss of Profits following Machinery Breakdown Insurance


Why is this insurance important to you?

Usually the worst thing about machinery breakdown is not the loss of the machine itself, but the loss an enterprise will suffer as a consequence from such an event: revenues vaporize, whereas fix costs such as salaries, wages or rental fees keep on running and running. Without sufficient resources already a short interruption of only a few days can ruin an organization and destroy efforts of months or even years. To insure your business against these risks, Allianz offers its innovative Business Interruption Insurance. Get your business carried on by us.

What is insured?

Allianz will indemnify you for any loss resulting from machinery breakdown in your company including

  • Gross profit
  • Salaries and wages
  • Audit and other fees

Notice:Allianz Business Interruption Insurance only covers the results from machinery breakdown, but not the loss of your machinery itself. If you also wish to be insured against the loss of your machinery itself, you may extend your cover with the Allianz Machinery Breakdown Insurance.

General Exclusions

Allianz can not bear your loss, if machinery breakdown results from

  • Consciously faulty operations or gross negligence
  • Normal wear & tear
  • Confiscation
  • War, armed conflicts, terror
  • Physical or chemical reactions, especially nuclear reactions
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