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Electronic Equipment Insurance


Why is this insurance important to you?

Computer systems crash, networks do not respond, E-mail boxes are not accessible: Crash of computing system is like a heart attack not only to IT-intensive corporations, but almost all kinds of companies, as it comes unpredictably and its consequences are often serious. With the Allianz Electronic Equipment Insurance you don’t need to worry about this. Run your business as usual - we will stand by your side.

What is insured?

All types of data processing systems ranging from PCs to mainframes, copying machines, telephone installations, and facsimile machines, security access units, alarm systems, electronic control systems, measurement and test devices, industrial robots, data acquisition and transfer system, ground stations for satellite communications and others.

Which risks are covered?

Allianz will insure your valuable equipment against all risks except those which are expressively excluded under the wording of the policy. And unlike many other insurance companies, Allianz will also cover such perils which typically jeopardize electronic systems such as

  • Negligence
  • Over - or under voltage
  • Smoldering
  • Extreme humidity
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