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November 2017
Allianz China General Insurance announced the official opening of its Beijing branch office on November 8th, strengthening its presence across China and enhancing its ability to serve more customers in the world’s fastest-growing insurance market.

December 2016
Allianz China General Insurance is awarded "Insurance Product of the Year" through public voting for its accident and health insurance product.

January 2016
Allianz China General Insurance is reinforcing its presence in South China with the recent opening of its Guangdong branch on January 29.

December 2015
Allianz China General Insurance wins "Insurance Product of the Year" award through public voting for its product that offers individual personal accident insruance product for children.

August 2015
E-commerce platform is launched.

March 2014
Allianz China General Insurance is selected as one of the 2013 China Internet Finance Top 100 brands, which was announced in the 2014 China Internet Finance Spring Forum. The selection criteria are brand influence, contribution, corporate responsibility and innovation capability.

January 2014
The moon-gazing insurance wins the Best Innovative Insurance Product Award in China’s 11th Financial Champion Award ceremony in Beijing. The ceremony is jointly organized by the Stock Exchange Executive Council and Hexun, the biggest financial portal in China.

July 2013
Allianz China General Insurance is the first foreign insurer to open an online store in Taobao which is China’s biggest e-commerce platform.

July 2013
To help designated driver companies to manage liability risks, Allianz China General Insurance develop China’s first Designated Driver Liability Insurance.

May 2013
Starting from May, 2013, vehicle owners in Shanghai and Guangdong Province can obtain their Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) insurance from Allianz China General Insurance.

April 2013
AZCN won the 2012 Guangdong Most Trustworthy Enterprise award, the second time in a row.

November 2012
In the awarding ceremony of CBN Financial Value Ranking 2012, Allianz China General Insurance was named 2012 Annual Insurer in Foreign P&C category for its outstanding market performance and reputation.

August 2012
Allianz China General Insurance announces the launch of its international healthcare plans for China, created in partnership with sister company Allianz Worldwide Care.  

June 2012
Allianz China General Insurance Company Ltd received 2012 Most Competitive Financial Innovative Product in the Golden Banyan Award event held by Nanfang Daily Group.

March 2012
After successfully completed all legal formalities including the business license application procedures, the Shanghai Branch of Allianz China General Insurance Company Ltd. officially commence business.

December 2010
During the ceremony of 2009-2010 Golden Dragon Award of Chinese Financial Institution, which was jointly hosted by China Financial News and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Allianz China P&C (AZCN) won the award for the Annual Best Foreigh P&C Insurer.

July 2010
After successfully completed all legal formalities including the business license application procedures, Allianz China General Insurance Company Ltd. officially commence business as of July 1, 2010.

January 2010
With the approval of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission dated January 12, 2010, Allianz Insurance Company Guangzhou Branch is able to reconstitute itself as Allianz China General Insurance Company Ltd.

December 2009
AZCN successfully finished “Data Warehouse” project, which automate the CIRC report.

Sep 2008
AZCN was recognized as "2006-2007 year’s credit rating A taxpayer" in September 2008

Feb 2008
Donation for Storm Disaster Victims was delivered to Chengjiang Town on 22nd February 2008

Sep 2007
The Vision, Mission, Common Goal, and Guiding Principle of AZCN was redefined in May 2007

Feb 2007
AZCN carried out "OPEX" project to improve operation process and quality as of February 2007

Sep 2006
AZCN jointly sponsored the first time of F1 race car’s test driving in China’s public road in 27 September 2006

Sep 2006
AZCN jointly promoted the road show of mini Allianz Arena in 23 September 2006

Aug 2006
In response to Allianz Group’s plan to become "the Most Innovation Financial Service Provider", AZCN launched "i2s" project in August, 2006

April 2006
AZCN took up social responsibility continuously, and donated to Guangzhou Zhiling special education school in 30 April 2006

Feb 2006
AZCN’s first SSC was set up in Shenzhen in 28 February 2006

Sep 2005
AZCN jointly sponsored RMB500,000 to 100 poor university students in 24 September 2005

Sep 2005
Mayor of Guangzhou and the Guangzhou Municipal Government Representative Teams visited Allianz Group’s headquarter in Munich, in 21 September 2005

March 2005
AZCN donated to Guangdong Yangai disable children education school in 2 March 2005, to help social vulnerable groups improve their living and education condition

Sep 2004
In 26 September 2004, AZCN invited business partners, clients, and staffs to attend the first time of F1 race in Shanghai, China, to experience our innovative, dynamic, high performance company culture.

Feb 14. 2003
Allianz Insurance Company officially commenced operation in 14 February 2003


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